Wedding Dress looks for 2018

Although I’m nowhere near close to walking down the aisle anytime soon I do love to have a good pore over up and coming wedding trends! From delicate to drop dead sexy there area whole host of trends coming down the pipeline that have me planning the fantasy wedding outfit of my dreams. It’s a good thing that my friends who are getting married this year already have their dresses organised, otherwise I would be demanding they have a t least 3 outfit changes to fit all my favourite in!
Split skirts
From thigh high slits to more demure ones that use delicate lace to keep your pins strictly PG split skirts are a big trend this wedding season. I particularly like the wrap inspired dresses that look oh so comfortable and would be perfect for a forest wedding or one in an art deco inspired venue.
While amping up the sex appeal on wedding dresses is a fairly recent trend, and certainly one that doesn’t appeal to everyone, there are a number of tricks that can give a daring look while keeping everything in its place. Taking cues form figure skating and ballroom dancing there are a number of look that use sheer material to give the illusion of bare skin but keep you covered up. The slits with lace coverings are a great example of this. While panels of colour or different materials can be found in other design the transparency of the lace can give a very light feel to a dress making it perfect for a summer or spring wedding.
Did you know the white wedding dresses only become the norm after Queen Victoria wore one for her wedding in 1840? Before then it was common for brides to be dressed in vibrant colours and expensive and exclusive fabrics as a showcase of their wealth and status.
Wedding dress colour trends have encapsulated various colours of ivory, cream, eggshell and even titanium over the years but this years looks showcased a new fashion for pale blue dresses. This delicate colouring is sure to be hit with brides who want something a little bit different from their colour palette. Another unusual look was the high number of black dresses that were on show. Black accent sin the form of trim , jacket, corsets and detailing were laid alongside all black dresses that managed to look more Hollywood than halloween.
Romantic Sparkles
While gigantic princess dresses have moved slightly out of wedding style, fairy-tale evoking sparkles were to be found on many of this years dresses. Tulle with sprinklings of sparkles caught the light and made the models twinkle in the light fro a look that is sure to stun on the dance floor.

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