Love it or hate it: The Glorious 80’s are back!

Power dressing to the max, the more shoulder pads the better and of course Madonna on repeat, ahh the eighties how I love thee. If current trends are anything to go by then the smell of perm and peroxide is very much in the air again, with many of the staple fashion trends from the decade that saw the fall of the Berlin wall, Mount St Helens erupt and the release of the Mega Drive appear back on the high street.

Methinks that the popularity of high waist skirts and trousers are one of the big factors that have lead to the bodysuits comeback. This look is all about smooth lines with a touch of sexy on the side. While scoop necked and high necked bodysuits can be a super comfy and cosy option I am all about the plunging V necks, preferably ones with lots of sexy strappy details that cant help but catch the eye. A long-sleeved bodysuit can instantly turn a strappy summer dress into a classy Autumn look while one with a plunging back will take a black pair of jeans from alright to OMG!

See though layers
Tantalise with peeks and hints of skins! It may seem counter intuitive but with the transparent trend less really is more. While you will be able to find no short of models on runaway sporting sheer clothing with only the very skimpiest of underwear underneath taking this 80’s teens into the modern day can mean something very different. My favourite looks are high necked dresses that have a sheer back to them or wearing a well fitting black tank top under a sheer lacy black blouse for an elegant yet smoking hot look!

Corset belts
We have a whole host of Kardashian sisters to thank for the huge popularity of corset style belts and cinchers. Back in the 80’s you were more likely to find corset belts firmly entrenched in the hippy aesthetic rather than high fashion but the trends of the 2010’s have seen it been elevated to elegance while being worn over body con dresses. They are also the perfect way to dress up even t-shirt dresses!

Mini skirt
The mini skirt is somewhat of an immortal of the fashion scene. While we often think of it as having made its grand entrance in the summer of love that was the 1960’s the truth is these versatile lower half have been round since the 1920’s when a daring flapper fashioned one from bananas for a performance in Paris. Minis were a hit for the 2017/18 winter fashion scene, especially when paired with chunky knit jumpers and oversized jackets, I cant wait to see what summer trends they bring!

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