Beach Covers ups to the you from day to night

Hitting the sun soaked beaches but being well dressed enough to head to a bar or coffee shop and feel stylish rather than swimmy without having to head back to your room for a quick change isn’t always an easy task but with the recent explosion of gorgeous beach cover ups you will be able to effortless transition from beach to bar while feeling and looking great.

I love the way hanky hem dresses flow, they makes me feel like a beautiful bohemian! Throw one of these over your bikini and you are ready to hit the streets. Get one in a silky material to keep you cool as well as avoiding any worries about creases.

Capitalise on the body suit trend by making the most of your swim suit and maki it a feature in itself. Choose a sexy low plunge one piece that you can pair with a high waisted skirt, trousers or even a pair of crisp linen shorts to head effortless from beach to club.

Playsuits are easy to slip on and will give you a bit more coverage and freedom of movement, making them ideal for more active holidays and a great option if you are hitting up a water park.

Lightweight towels
A secret top tip that I learned from a friend who surfs is that regular towels take up an inordinate amount of space in your bag. While you may want to wrap up in a fluffy monster sized bath sheet that sucker is going to take a really long time to dry, not to mention the damp salty smell that will follow you as you carry it around crammed into your bag. Instead choose a quick drying travel towel. These compact, moisture wicking fellows are incredibly efficient and will get you dry in no time, not to mention they will take up far less space when you travel stake you away from the beach. If you really cant do without the luxury of a large towel then consider a Turkish bath sheet. Made from 100% cotton these towels will wrap you in a cocoon of dryness thin, and are much ore beautiful and practical than their terry cloth cousins.

Leave the sand at the beach
We have all done it; arrived home after a day at the beach or settled down in a coffee shop only to realise that you are leaving a trail of sand and seashells wherever you go and everything in your bag is coated with it! Take a look at the CGear Sand-Free Tote that boasts a special one way mean weave that means sand fall through the bag but doesn’t make its way into the bag when it is sitting on the sand. All you need to do is give your bag a gentle shake when you pick it up and any sand will end up back on the beach where it belongs.

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