Accessorising your ways to different looks

I am always astounded by how much of a difference good accessories can make to an outfit, they truly make the difference between a mediocre ensemble and a wow factor making getup.

Boiling a chicken breast and serving it up with nothing else on it will only give you a bland and uninteresting meal. Grill it up coated in pepper, chill flakes and balsamic vinegar and serve it with a tasty side for a delicious dish with dimension and true flavour. Thinking of accessories in the same way you do seasonings for food can be a helpful approach. You can have a perfectly nice looking outfit but it take accessories to give it that spark that makes you feel fabulous while wearing it.

I have been toying with the idea of moving towards a capsule wardrobe for some time now but have always worried that I won’t give me the variety of different looks that my currently overflowing drawers and wardrobe offers. But I realised that a variety of well chosen accessories are exactly what I need to change up looks and provide me with a multitude of different options.

But if you are looking to use accessorise to change up looks what are the best ones to go for?

Statement necklaces
A big chunky necklace can make a huge difference to an outfit and can do double duty at dressing up an on outfit for professional work purposes or give something a playful and funky edge. If your wardrobe is mostly neutral tones then look for something with bright colours or interesting patterns that will be perfectly showcased against the backdrop of your outfit.

If, like me, your wardrobe relies heavily on skirts and dresses then a variety of quality tights can do wonders for giving you lots of different options. A pair of chunky warm tights will easily turn a summer dress into an autumnal option while you may be surprises with how different patterns of tights change the looks of your outfits. I get my tights from Gambettes Box, a subscription service that send me a great variety of tights every month.

It goes without saying that you can never have too many shoes right?! I’m login to admit now the my attempts at a capsule wardrobe will not include my shoe collection! I love my foot covering babies and the variety they give me, a pair of delicate sandals can make a simple dress an elegant feel while a more formal outfit can easily be dressed down with a pair of converses many options to love and try!

Beach Covers ups to the you from day to night

Hitting the sun soaked beaches but being well dressed enough to head to a bar or coffee shop and feel stylish rather than swimmy without having to head back to your room for a quick change isn’t always an easy task but with the recent explosion of gorgeous beach cover ups you will be able to effortless transition from beach to bar while feeling and looking great.

I love the way hanky hem dresses flow, they makes me feel like a beautiful bohemian! Throw one of these over your bikini and you are ready to hit the streets. Get one in a silky material to keep you cool as well as avoiding any worries about creases.

Capitalise on the body suit trend by making the most of your swim suit and maki it a feature in itself. Choose a sexy low plunge one piece that you can pair with a high waisted skirt, trousers or even a pair of crisp linen shorts to head effortless from beach to club.

Playsuits are easy to slip on and will give you a bit more coverage and freedom of movement, making them ideal for more active holidays and a great option if you are hitting up a water park.

Lightweight towels
A secret top tip that I learned from a friend who surfs is that regular towels take up an inordinate amount of space in your bag. While you may want to wrap up in a fluffy monster sized bath sheet that sucker is going to take a really long time to dry, not to mention the damp salty smell that will follow you as you carry it around crammed into your bag. Instead choose a quick drying travel towel. These compact, moisture wicking fellows are incredibly efficient and will get you dry in no time, not to mention they will take up far less space when you travel stake you away from the beach. If you really cant do without the luxury of a large towel then consider a Turkish bath sheet. Made from 100% cotton these towels will wrap you in a cocoon of dryness thin, and are much ore beautiful and practical than their terry cloth cousins.

Leave the sand at the beach
We have all done it; arrived home after a day at the beach or settled down in a coffee shop only to realise that you are leaving a trail of sand and seashells wherever you go and everything in your bag is coated with it! Take a look at the CGear Sand-Free Tote that boasts a special one way mean weave that means sand fall through the bag but doesn’t make its way into the bag when it is sitting on the sand. All you need to do is give your bag a gentle shake when you pick it up and any sand will end up back on the beach where it belongs.

Wedding Dress looks for 2018

Although I’m nowhere near close to walking down the aisle anytime soon I do love to have a good pore over up and coming wedding trends! From delicate to drop dead sexy there area whole host of trends coming down the pipeline that have me planning the fantasy wedding outfit of my dreams. It’s a good thing that my friends who are getting married this year already have their dresses organised, otherwise I would be demanding they have a t least 3 outfit changes to fit all my favourite in!
Split skirts
From thigh high slits to more demure ones that use delicate lace to keep your pins strictly PG split skirts are a big trend this wedding season. I particularly like the wrap inspired dresses that look oh so comfortable and would be perfect for a forest wedding or one in an art deco inspired venue.
While amping up the sex appeal on wedding dresses is a fairly recent trend, and certainly one that doesn’t appeal to everyone, there are a number of tricks that can give a daring look while keeping everything in its place. Taking cues form figure skating and ballroom dancing there are a number of look that use sheer material to give the illusion of bare skin but keep you covered up. The slits with lace coverings are a great example of this. While panels of colour or different materials can be found in other design the transparency of the lace can give a very light feel to a dress making it perfect for a summer or spring wedding.
Did you know the white wedding dresses only become the norm after Queen Victoria wore one for her wedding in 1840? Before then it was common for brides to be dressed in vibrant colours and expensive and exclusive fabrics as a showcase of their wealth and status.
Wedding dress colour trends have encapsulated various colours of ivory, cream, eggshell and even titanium over the years but this years looks showcased a new fashion for pale blue dresses. This delicate colouring is sure to be hit with brides who want something a little bit different from their colour palette. Another unusual look was the high number of black dresses that were on show. Black accent sin the form of trim , jacket, corsets and detailing were laid alongside all black dresses that managed to look more Hollywood than halloween.
Romantic Sparkles
While gigantic princess dresses have moved slightly out of wedding style, fairy-tale evoking sparkles were to be found on many of this years dresses. Tulle with sprinklings of sparkles caught the light and made the models twinkle in the light fro a look that is sure to stun on the dance floor.

Love it or hate it: The Glorious 80’s are back!

Power dressing to the max, the more shoulder pads the better and of course Madonna on repeat, ahh the eighties how I love thee. If current trends are anything to go by then the smell of perm and peroxide is very much in the air again, with many of the staple fashion trends from the decade that saw the fall of the Berlin wall, Mount St Helens erupt and the release of the Mega Drive appear back on the high street.

Methinks that the popularity of high waist skirts and trousers are one of the big factors that have lead to the bodysuits comeback. This look is all about smooth lines with a touch of sexy on the side. While scoop necked and high necked bodysuits can be a super comfy and cosy option I am all about the plunging V necks, preferably ones with lots of sexy strappy details that cant help but catch the eye. A long-sleeved bodysuit can instantly turn a strappy summer dress into a classy Autumn look while one with a plunging back will take a black pair of jeans from alright to OMG!

See though layers
Tantalise with peeks and hints of skins! It may seem counter intuitive but with the transparent trend less really is more. While you will be able to find no short of models on runaway sporting sheer clothing with only the very skimpiest of underwear underneath taking this 80’s teens into the modern day can mean something very different. My favourite looks are high necked dresses that have a sheer back to them or wearing a well fitting black tank top under a sheer lacy black blouse for an elegant yet smoking hot look!

Corset belts
We have a whole host of Kardashian sisters to thank for the huge popularity of corset style belts and cinchers. Back in the 80’s you were more likely to find corset belts firmly entrenched in the hippy aesthetic rather than high fashion but the trends of the 2010’s have seen it been elevated to elegance while being worn over body con dresses. They are also the perfect way to dress up even t-shirt dresses!

Mini skirt
The mini skirt is somewhat of an immortal of the fashion scene. While we often think of it as having made its grand entrance in the summer of love that was the 1960’s the truth is these versatile lower half have been round since the 1920’s when a daring flapper fashioned one from bananas for a performance in Paris. Minis were a hit for the 2017/18 winter fashion scene, especially when paired with chunky knit jumpers and oversized jackets, I cant wait to see what summer trends they bring!

What to wear to be in Hen Party Heaven

One of my best friends gets married this summer and I am in charge of planning the hen do, a high honour indeed! Of course I couldn’t forget to make plans about what we should be wearing! Having been on a fair few hen nights that have included fancy dress themes that were a best uncomfortable to wear and at worst meant we were given the knock back from just about every club we wanted to go to I didn’t want to impose a hardcore theme on the dress code.
My bride to be is all about that glamorous life so we are having a classy hight tea before heading to a cocktail class and then a night of dancing at a club where I’ve book us a VIP booth. Knowing the activities in advance made it easy fro the hens to start planning out what they would wear and because there is not going to be much walking involved, save for dancing the night away, high heels are firmly on the table.
Sparkles and sunshine perfectly sums up my soon to be married bestie so instead of having us all dress literally like the sun, the dress code is to wear something with that a touch of glitter or sparkles with a sunshine pin badge that I am ordering from one of my favourite Etsy vendors for all the hens.
Some hen parties like to go on a shopping spree to find the perfect outfit for each other on the day of the hen itself. This can be a great bonding experience and an ideal way for nervous shoppers to get some moral support when picking out a new outfit. Indeed, one of our mutual best friends is a complete down to earth home body who thinks getting dressed up means wearing her good pair of trainers when we go out. She wanted to properly dress it up for this special night and actively asked for some moral support to help her in picking out a hen night look that was totally out of her comfort zone.
However, shopping on the day of the do does have some downside. Lets be real for a moment, shopping can be incredibly tiring and for hens who don’t quite fit the high street shops a daunting thought. All of which can mean that by the time you get to the getting dresses part you are not your best form or end up wearing a panic bough option that you don’t really like.
So we decided to spread the fun of the hen do and and instead planned a mammoth internet shop session three weeks before the actual hen night.
We had the all the girlies come round in pyjamas, had prosecco waiting on ice and shopped away on the wide and wonderful inter webs! We were able to use an apple TV to throw the websites up onto a big screen for everyone to see.